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Planetario Explore
Espacio de ciencia
Horas: L - V 9 a 17 hrs.
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Acerca de Planetario Explore

The Explore Planetarium was created in 2010. Its main objective was to offer both children and adults a space in which to observe the night sky in real time. They are also based on teaching and spreading knowledge of the universe and astronomy.

This is an itinerant planetarium, that is, they take the dome and projections directly to schools, individuals or companies for private events. They have specific programs where, in addition to projections, they carry out interactive and playful activities.

Among the services they offer:

  • The planetarium, where they see the starry sky in a more didactic and educational way, where they link knowledge through the interaction of astronomy with technology and other sciences.
  • Solar Observatory, the observation of the sun through specialized optical instruments in order to teach the little ones about our closest star, as well as its importance for life on earth.

The program of activities, as well as the projections, go according to the age of the children. Either for a Preschool or for Universities. In special events such as nights of stars, constellations and other observations, it is open to the general public for free. If you want more information or would like to hire them, you can call 999 371-8543.

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¿Dónde está Planetario Explore?

horario Horarios: L - V 9 a 17 hrs.

ubicación Dirección: Calle 14 No. 100Ñ x 17B y 19 Col. Itzimná Mérida, Yucatán

Cómo llegar:

  • De acuerdo al evento es su locación, esta dirección es de sus oficinas.

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Felipe Ortega - 20/12/2022

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Mis hijas tuvieron oportunidad de esta experiencia en su escuela, la verdad es que es una propuesta muy buena para los niños, nos encanta que haya estas iniciativas donde los niños aprendan e interactuen con los temas del universo.