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Parque de la Ciencia Dzan

Parque de la Ciencia Dzan
Espacio de ciencia
Horas: L - V 09:00 a 16:00 hrs.
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Acerca de Parque de la Ciencia Dzan

Dzan Science Park is a recent place created by the Dzan Scientific Society. This group created it as a community initiative where research, conservation and dissemination of natural sciences for children, youth and adults are promoted.

We love that one of the actions in which they are very focused is creating a seedbed for children with an interest in being biologists, scientists, chemists, and agronomists to find their vocation through different programs and projects. The place covers more than 1 hectare within the jungle. They have a botanical garden, spaces for courses and workshops, small classrooms, islets, space to soon build a farm.

Among the programs offered to children you can find:

  • Laboratory club: different topics are covered per month such as biology, chemistry, physics and various experiments are carried out, so that they can interact with their surroundings to understand the concept they are learning about.
  • Botany Club: Children learn about everything related to plants. For example, they take them to tour the jungle and collect certain leaves, which they analyze.
  • Agronomy Club: Here, for example, you can see the process of making compost, vermicomposting, raising farm animals, producing vegetables so that children can apply them at home.
  • Allies of science: they bring different professionals to teach and show part of their work, then do a workshop or an activity or a game with the children to reaffirm knowledge.

Likewise, children between the ages of 4 and 17 are invited to come and participate in order to disseminate projects on science, technology, sustainability, robotics, art, culture or some other topic that is of interest to the community. If you want more information to enroll your children or go on a guided tour, you can send an email to [email protected].

If you have gone to the Dzan Science Park with your children, tell us what you liked the most and let us know in the comments. If you want to know more places for children, do not forget to visit the sections on Parks Restaurants. Share KIDSin information on your social networks.

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¿Dónde está Parque de la Ciencia Dzan?

horario Horarios: L - V 09:00 a 16:00 hrs.

ubicación Dirección: Calle 20, salida hacia las parcelas Plan Chac, 97854 Dzán, Yuc.

Cómo llegar:

  • Toma la carretera de Uman - México 261 y pasando Ticul llegarán del lado derecho.

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Matias Romero - 20/12/2022

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tuvimos la oportunidad de ir antes de COVID y el curso que tomaron los niños de ciencia fue increíble, la verdad es un gran proyecto de un chico orgullosamente yucateco y reconocido a nivel internacional.