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Museo Del Meteorito
Horas: 11:00 a 18:30 hrs.
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Acerca de Museo Del Meteorito

Museo Del Meteorito this place is considered one of the best museums in the Yucatecan peninsula. It is located 25 minutes from Mérida, in the town of Progreso on the boardwalk. From its architecture you will be able to verify that this place is wonderful, because if your child is a dinosaurs fan, at the entrance of it there is a huge mosasaur and in the external corridors there are fossils of flying reptiles.

The tour is guided and the explanation is really enjoyable for children and adults. There are 4 rooms and it lasts approximately 45 minutes. They will begin with the explanation of why the theory of the extinction of the dinosaurs due to the meteorite that fell in Chicxulub is so famous. They will also meet many dinosaurs, although nothing can be touched if it is possible to take photos and videos with everyone.

The entrance fee is $100 pesos for children over 4 years old and adults $150. If you are from progress there is a discount, if you are a foreigner the cost increases. Although there are toilets, they cost $20 pesos per person. I suggest you bring your child lightly warm as the air conditioning in the rooms is very cold.

If you have been to the Museo Del Meteorito, tell us which section your little one liked the most. If you want to know more museums or places for children like this one, keep reading our section on Science and Culture for children in Mérida.

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¿Dónde está Museo Del Meteorito?

horario Horarios: 11:00 a 18:30 hrs.

ubicación Dirección: C. 19 142, Boulevard Turístico Malecón, 97320 Progreso, Yuc.

Cómo llegar: Sales de Mérida y tomas la carretera hacia progreso, entras por la segunda glorieta que lleva al principio del Malecón de Progreso donde están las letras.

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Johan Riviera - 13/04/2023

estrella amarrilla estrella amarrilla estrella amarrilla estrella amarrilla estrella amarrilla

Nosotros somos de Mérida y nunca habiamos visitado este museo, realmente estoy sorprendido al igual que mi hijo debido a la explicación tan clara que nos han dado. Muy buenas instalaciones.