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Teatro de Cancún
En la Zona Hotelera
Horas: 12:00 a 01:00 hrs.
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Actividades Poco frecuentes
Precios Desde: $50

Acerca de Teatro de Cancún

El Teatro de Cancún was inaugurated on January 17, 2000. Designed by renowned architect David Quintana Morones. It is located in the Hotel Zone, within the cultural space of the Embarcadero. Speaking of their shows, the first performance was Voces y danzas de México, a Mexican folkloric show of music, song and dance.

Within this center plays, music, dance, varieties, children’s shows, festivals, conferences and assemblies are performed. Every weekend they have at least 3 shows. Likewise for children they have been changing their billboard at least every 15 to 3 days. The Theater is the largest in the region, as it has a capacity of up to 900 people. It has restrooms, paid parking and a cafeteria.

For the little ones, there are different types of plays, from imitation shows with their favorite characters, projections, and musical concerts for children. Cheer up to spend a different afternoon with the kids. If you want to know the billboard you can read our news section or consult its billboard directly at this link.

What play have you attended at Teatro de Cancún? Share your experience in the comments so you can help more moms and dads. Remember to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to be aware of everything that happens in the Riviera Maya.

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¿Dónde está Teatro de Cancún?

horario Horarios: 12:00 a 01:00 hrs.

ubicación Dirección: Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 4, Kukulcan Boulevard, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.

Cómo llegar: Entrando por la Av. Bonampak o Puerto Cancún sobre la Zona Hotelera en el km 4 dirección al Aeropuerto.

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Jaqueline Zoraya - 23/01/2023

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Mis hijos mis sobrinos y yo fuimos a ver a Luli y nos tocó excelente lugar, cuidan cada detalle del lugar lo malo es el estacionamiento, mejor vayan a Chedraui a estacionarse.